A career at Emphasys offers boundless opportunities. With offices in California, Florida, Michigan and Ontario, and remote employees located across the continent, Emphasys Software brings together bright, talented people who aspire to excellence and share a commitment to upholding our mission:

Emphasys strives to be a company of outstanding people delivering vertical market enterprise software solutions through long term partnerships with clients.

At Emphasys Software, we recognize that our employees are a key part of our success, so we work hard to attract dedicated, innovative individuals who enjoy a challenge and who derive satisfaction by knowing that they’re making a real difference in people’s lives. Our cultural values reflect what we value most in our employees and what we offer in return.


Excellence breeds excellence. When you work for Emphasys Software, you can count on being surrounded by others who share your commitment to quality and your drive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations – every time.


Technology evolves around the clock. It demands that we work hard to keep up, and by constantly innovating, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors and provide value to our clients.


Even though technology evolves around the clock, we don’t demand that you work around the clock just to keep up. At Emphasys, we want our employees to maintain a good balance between work life and personal life.

Professional Development

Emphasys Software looks for lifelong learners. Changing technology is not the only reason for that. The vertical markets that we specialize in present ever-changing requirements. We support our employees in continued professional education to keep up with developments.


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