Our History

Emphasys Software provides an array of software solutions and related services to thousands of entities in the public and private sectors, including affordable housing agencies, local municipalities, real estate brokers and agents, travel and tourism operators, and financial lenders.

From its beginnings over 40 years ago, Emphasys has grown to encompass multiple divisions with offices across North America, Europe, and Asia.

    Creative Computer Solutions, Inc., Founded
    Application Oriented Designs, Inc., Founded
    Lender Support Systems, Inc., Founded
    Memory Lane Systems, Inc., Founded
    SymPro, Inc., Founded
    Creative Computer Solutions, Inc., and Memory Lane Systems, Inc., Acquired
    Application Oriented Designs, Inc., Acquired
    SymPro, Inc., Acquired
    SettlementRoom Systems, AgentOffice, and Treasury Desktop Acquired
    quick!Office Commander Acquired
    Lender Support Systems, Inc., Acquired
    REALedger Acquired
    Juniper Acquired
    Assets of Socialserve.com Acquired
    Compass Technologies Acquired