Meet the Miami Office!

Emphasys would like to introduce different offices as a part of the employee newsletter, starting with our office in sunny Miami, Florida. The Miami office is a very quiet, comfortable work place rather small in size, with roughly 22 employees from all four different divisions. We say roughly 22 because many work remotely, and it’s always a surprise to see who is visiting for a day or two. The office is located east of the center of Miami, and many employees travel as much as one and a half hours each way – each day.

Miami Office

2013-01-16_1630From left to right: Darren McDuffie, Rebecca Morgenthaler, Andrew Seminari

We recently welcomed four new employees to the Miami office – an Account Manager, Darren McDuffie, and three Market Development Interns, Robert Davis, Johana Galvis, and Gabriel Rezende. Over the course of 13 weeks, the three interns will be rotating positions as they move from sales, to marketing, to business development and back. They’ll even be organizing a code-a-thon, where collaborators will come together to share innovative ideas and create exciting projects.

The InternsFrom left to right: Gabriel Rezende, Robert Davis, Johana Galvis

The Miami office is a quiet, but welcoming one. Whether you’re working in a cubicle or in the more open-space marketing and sales area, everyone is always up for a little chat in the hallway or the kitchen. And when the clock hits 2:30 PM, people know they better be sitting at their desks, because Jeffrey Judd is strolling through the office serving his famous, much-needed espresso shots.

Coffee TimeFrom left to right: Johana Galvis, Yolanda Silva, Enrique Hirigoyen, Jeffery Judd

Finally, meet Vilma, an Accountant who has been with Emphasys Software for over six years. When asked about her favorite part about working in the Miami office, the answer is clear: It’s the people she works with who make the difference. Guess what crazy thing happened when Vilma first joined Emphasys six years ago:

“On my second day at work, I almost set the microwave on fire!!! To this day, John Wilkens, the Director of Finance, still reminds me of that incident!”

photo (5)From left to right: Jassenya Rivas, Vilma Figueroa